Elevating Your Digital Photography

Envoy B2B Delivers With Turnkey Connector for NetSuite AFA SuiteSuccess And Retail

Easy Excel Order Export/Import With Envoy B2B

Podcast: How Brands Assist Specialty Retailers in Generating Lasting Success Through the Pandemic and Beyond

The Top 3 Tools Your Brand Needs To Succeed Without Trade Shows

Podcast: What Retailers Want and How Brands Can Provide For Them

The 2021 Retailer’s Challenge Report Is Here!

3 Tips For Digital Sell-in Success

Envoy B2B Delivers Premier Tools To Keep Outdoor Brands Connected With Their Retailers

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Podcast: How Envoy B2B + Locally Enables Brands to Better Support Specialty Retailers

The State Of Specialty Retail: Staying Strong During A Pandemic

Lists, Integrations, And More New Tools to Power Your Wholesale Channel

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

4 Tips To Improve Digital Sell-In And Add Doors With Public Showroom

Tom Rau Tom Rau

8 Critical Ways Your Brand Can #B2Bbetter And Create Stronger Sell Through

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Top 3 Tips to Run a Successful Digital Sell-In Event

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Specialty Retailer's Desire To Physically Engage With Product Remains Crucial To Buying Process

Jon Faber Jon Faber

What A Year. Envoy B2B And It’s Clients For The Win!

Boost Retailer Interaction With Product Banners

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Product Banners And Merchandising Upgrades Help Brands Power Up Their Season

Rumpl Connects the World with a Better Blanket by Supporting its Retailers in Envoy B2B

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Wolverine Worldwide Plans a Digital Movement with Envoy B2B

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Envoy B2B Makes Powering Your Wholesale Channel Even Easier

Global Sales Guys Adopts Envoy B2B to Connect with Specialty Retailers

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Smart Brands Support Their Specialty Retailers With Modern B2B Tools

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Modern Visual Merchandising For All Stages Of The Season

Envoy B2B Partners with HABA to Build a “One-Stop-Shop” for Their Wholesale Channel

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Activity & Insights Empowers Brands With Critical Data For Successful Seasons


Wholesale is Adapting and BioLite is Leading the Way

Introducing Public Showroom, A Powerful New Prospecting Tool

Tom Rau Tom Rau

V21 Introduces Public Showrooms And More

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

B2B Opportunity #08: When Retailers Feature Your Brand, But Blank On Your Features

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

B2B Opportunity #07: When Markdowns Scream, “Wrong Product, Wrong Store.”

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

B2B Opportunity #06: When Your Retailer Prospecting Efforts Run Cold

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

B2B Opportunity #05: When All You Know Is A Rep’s Name, Not Their Performance

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

B2B Opportunity #04: When Sell-through Is Amazing And Replenishment Is Amazingly Slow

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

B2B Opportunity #03: When Your Team Is Merchandising With Powerpoint And Cut Outs

B2B Opportunity #02: When Orders Are Caught In The Spinning Wheel Of Death

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

B2B Opportunity #01: When Your Wholesale Catalog Collects More Dust Than Orders

Virtual Showroom Helps Your Brand Succeed With These 7 Powerful Features

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Envoy B2B Helps Brands Overcome The Loss Of Tradeshows And Go Virtual With Critical Business Transactions

Mark Johnson Mark Johnson

V20 Release Delivers New Integrations, Reporting Features, and more

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Harness Trends And Increase Sell-Through With Envoy B2B And Locally

Finding The Right Time To Upgrade Your Wholesale B2B

Envoy B2B + Locally: Harmonize Local Product Availability With Local Consumer Demand

How to launch a digital showroom and go virtual at sell-in this season

Jon Faber Jon Faber

Specialty Retailers, The #Originalinfluencer

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Research: Long Live Reps

Jon Faber Jon Faber

Connectivity in a Time of Uncertainty

#originalinfluencers:  Talking Brand Education With Bob Wade From UTE Mountaineer

Prepping For Implementation: Getting Your Org Ready For A New B2B System

#EnvoyAdventures: Gaining Perspective

Envoy B2B V18:  Improved Showrooms And PayNow

Tom Rau Tom Rau

The New Assortments:  A Curated, Shoppable Experience

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Introducing Envoy B2B V18:  Revolutionary Assortments, Showroom Improvements, PayNow, and More

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

The Great Pick Up: Coming Together To Make The Planet 1% Better

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Three Reasons Specialty Retail Is Here To Stay

Drew Karel Drew Karel

Specialty Retail - The #Originalinfluencer:  Great Outdoor Store

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Trade Show Cancelled?  Don't Panic!

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Overcoming The 4 Biggest Objections To Investing In A B2B Platform

What's New In Envoy B2B:  2019 Release Roundup So Far

Mark Johnson Mark Johnson

Welcome To V17:  Improvements And Breakthrough Innovations

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

V17: Introducing Engagements - Helping Reps Provide Proactive Retail Support

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

V17:  Stitch Labs And FTP Integrations

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

V17:  Mailchimp Integration

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

V17:  Improved Search And Other Features

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

At Outdoor Retailer:  An Industry With Force

Jon Faber Jon Faber

Talking Specialty Retail & The Outdoor Industry With Argot

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Specialty Retail - The #Originalinfluencer Series: Bill & Paul's Sporthaus

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Specialty Retail On The Rise: Growing Through Collaboration

Jon Faber Jon Faber


#theFundamentals:  Content & Commerce

The Facts Of Specialty Retailer Life:  How Brands Can Earn Their Spot

Jon Faber Jon Faber

In Their Own Words:  The Importance Of Specialty Retail

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

In Their Own Words:  Specialty Retail And The Brand Relationship

In Their Own Words:  Specialty Retailers and brand Rep Interaction

#theFundamentals:  Enablement Focused Reps

Tom Rau Tom Rau

#theFundamentals:  Buyer Self-Serve

Our Commitment To Our Planet

Setting your Retailers Up For Success Through Clinics

Drew Karel Drew Karel

Talking With Original Footwear:  Envoy B2B, NetSuite, And Modernizing Wholesale

Moving Past Treating Your B2B Channel Like A Utility

Jon Faber Jon Faber

Envoy B2B Releases App For NetSuite

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Envoy B2B V16 Quarterly Update - Activity & Insights, Assortment Campaigns, And More!

Mark Troast Mark Troast

Assortment Campaigns Makes Communication With Retailers Easier

Mark Troast Mark Troast

A Primer On What Sets Envoy B2B Apart

Envoy B2B And NetSuite In The Wild: An Interview With Howler Brothers

Listen, Align, Grow: Why We Keep Talking To Retailers

Tom Rau Tom Rau

Understanding The Relationship Between Brands And Specialty Shops

Drew Karel Drew Karel

A Brief Chat With Brendan Madigan Of Alpenglow Sports

Jeff Tow Jeff Tow

Building A Wholesale Strategy With The Fundamentals

Lems Chooses Envoy B2B To Empower Wholesale Channels

Introducing Envoy B2B For NetSuite AFA SuiteSuccess And Retail

Jon Faber Jon Faber

The Seasonal Buyer Journey And Growing Your Wholesale Channel

Observations From The Outdoor Retailer Show Floor

The Fundamentals : How To Build A Succesful Wholesale Strategy

v15 Features

Mark Troast Mark Troast

Introducing Our New Visualization Tool

Jon Faber Jon Faber

Why We're Excited For Our v15 Release

Mark Troast Mark Troast

A River Guide To Success

Energizing Your Wholesale Channel

Update 14.50 - One More Thing...

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Envoy Platform - v14 Updates and Improvements

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Showroom: Best Practices to Help You Engage, Educate, and Sell

Buyer Engagement During Trade Show Season: Going Beyond the Booth

Mark Troast Mark Troast

Envoy Platform - The Latest Updates

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

One Step At a Time - How To Adopt a B2B eCom Platform Successfully

Turning Specialty Retail into a Wholesale Channel

Mark Troast Mark Troast

Focusing On Your Customer’s Success

Envoy Platform Updates – Welcome to Version 12

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Now Is The Time To Adopt A B2B

Mark Troast Mark Troast

Landau Adopts Full Envoy B2B Enterprise Suite to Drive Wholesale Growth

What Makes Envoy B2B Different?

Vida Shoes International Chooses Envoy B2B To Grow Wholesale Channels For Stride Rite Brand

The Pros and Cons of Different Sales Channels

Mark Troast Mark Troast

Tense chooses Envoy Core for their B2B platform to support growth

Efficiency, Education, And Enablement In A Changing Retail Landscape

Jon Faber Jon Faber

Envoy Platform Partners with SPS Commerce

What We Learned From A Brand New Outdoor Retailer (or Why Envoy Is More Relevant Than Ever)

An Open Letter to the Venture Out Attendees at Outdoor Retailer

The Benefits of a Digital-First Strategy for Brands

Mark Troast Mark Troast

The 4 Phases of Product Photography: Image Capture for Changing Needs

A Conversation With See Kai Run

5 Reasons Why Small Brands Should Add a B2B eCommerce Platform to Their Go-to-Market Strategy

A Few Questions With Howler Brothers

Envoy B2B Platform Recognized As One Of The Best e-Commerce Solutions For 2017

Come Together: The Advantages Of A Single System B2B For Content And Commerce

FSI Chooses Envoy B2B Platform

Four Reasons Why A Content Destination Is An Essential Piece of Your B2B Platform

McCubbin Adopts Envoy B2B Platform To Harness Content And Commerce Capabilities

Envoy Updates: Multiple Order Shipments And Order Discounts

Christopher Morse Christopher Morse

Ducati Adopts Envoy B2B Platform to Focus on Strategic Growth of Wholesale Channels

OOFOS Adopts Envoy Core B2B Platform to Bolster Growth

Kodiak Group Holdings Co. to implement Envoy Core as its B2B content destination

See Kai Run Implementing Envoy Core as Their B2B Platform for Next Season

Grand Trunk Chooses Envoy B2B Platform to Support Future Growth

Howler Brothers Adopts Envoy Core as Their B2B Platform to Support Continued Growth

National Golf Footwear and Apparel Giant Selects Envoy to Support Retail Strategy

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

GR Tech Company Envoy Celebrates Expansion in Upgraded Front Avenue Space

Bring Outdoor Retailer to West Michigan

Making the Customer Fall in Love: B2B Vendor/Client Support Relationships

Taking Advantage Of A Content And Commerce Strategy

A Year In Review

Why Your B2B Needs To Be More Like B2C

Envoy Releases New Tools And Features For Its Innovative B2B Platform

6 Product Photography Tips For Easing The Preseason Burden

Envoy Welcomes New Advisory Board

B2B LABS | Envoy Announces New Advisory Board, Strengthens Tech Firm

Design Is How It Works

All Together Now - Content and Commerce Drive a Successful B2B Strategy

Product Lifecycle & Lowering Your Marketing Overhead

It’s Time To Give Wholesale B2B Marketing Teams Their Jobs Back

The Ripple Effect of a Content & Commerce Approach to B2B

Product Segmentation

Congratulations! Another Great Season!

Envoy B2B Envoy B2B

Treading Water, Shiny Objects and the Challenge of Building a Continually Innovative Service

Total Cost of Ownership

Successful BitCamp Event at Envoy Introduced Female Students to Software Development Careers

What You Need To Know About Designing For Digital First

Envoy Makes it Easy With Their E-Commerce Approach

Grand Rapids-based B2B tech leader now called Envoy, after its signature service

What you need to know about centralized product data workflow

Improving Wholesale B2B User Adoption - The Human Centered Design Approach

Turn Your Wholesale B2B Into A Strategy For Success, Part 3 - Great Products Deserve Great Visual Content

Photos Drive Grand Rapids Tech Firm's Rapid Growth

Grand Rapids tech firm expands as demand for high-volume photos skyrockets

Tech Firm Appropos Plans Expansion

Software and Creative Company Expands

Turn Your B2B Into A Strategy For Success, Part 2 - The Cost of Implementation

Turn Your B2B Into A Strategy For Success, Part 1 - Identifying the common challenges of adopting a B2B platform

What’s With The Astronaut?

An Origin Story

Six ways Envoy delivers for footwear and apparel companies

Envoy B2B Gives Companies A Modern Advantage

Appropos named one of West Michigan's top 16 tech companies

Grand Rapids' Appropos leads wholesale business into the Amazon age

Appropos internship opens door to software skills for local students

Michigan tech startup expands in Europe to support growing customer base

MiBiz Growth Report

Grand Rapids (Mich.) tech company expands to Europe as groundbreaking B2B software translates to strong sales

Grand Rapids tech firm Appropos opens office in Germany

Grand Rapids GiveCamp addresses tech shortfalls for nonprofits

How Grand Rapids risks pricing out tech startups

Appropos to donate 44 straight hours of tech savviness to nonprofits this weekend

Driven by strong cycling culture, Grand Rapids tech firm donates bike fix-it station at popular Merrell Trail

Mountain bike service station added to Merrell Trail

Converse Implements the Envoy B2B Platform


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