Assortment Campaigns Makes Communication With Retailers Easier

Posted by Mark Troast on April 5, 2019

We’re proud to announce another exciting feature, Assortment Campaigns, will be coming to Envoy B2B in V16. Assortment Campaigns allow you to create a standard assortment and send it out to multiple buyers, who can then simply click on it and start building an order.

Let’s talk about how it all works.

Relevant Conversations

First, assortments in the campaigns respect any existing segmentation that you have set up, so buyers only see what you want them to. In addition, you can edit the assortments on a store level, so you can be sure it’s relevant to the buyer who receives it.

Analytics For Optimization

Second, Assortment Campaigns have high level analytics for tracking who has opened the campaign emails, who has viewed the assortment within Envoy B2B, and which assortments were converted into orders. This allows you to optimize your campaigns over time, maximizing their effectiveness, as well as follow up with those buyers who haven’t yet opened the email or assortment.

Efficient Communication

Finally, Assortment Campaigns allow you to take what used to be 1-to-1 and make it 1-to-many. Because of segmentation and store-level editing, you can efficiently give your buyers what they need to make the best order without having to customize countless assortments and individually email them out one-by-one.

We’re really excited for our users to get their hands on Assortment Campaigns. We think they’re going to be great for things like sneak peeks, new products, promotions, and closeouts, but we’re looking forward to hearing about all the other ways that our users find to utilize this valuable new tool.

Assortment Campaigns hits Envoy B2B, along with all the other amazing new features found in V16, on April 6.

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