Envoy B2B Makes Powering Your Wholesale Channel Even Easier

Posted by Tom Rau on October 8, 2020

As we work to put effective, modern tools in the hands of our brands and retailers, we are always gathering feedback on how best to improve on our platform. We’ve taken that feedback and focused on applying it to different features and tools that our users tell us are critical. We aren’t content with simply delivering groundbreaking new tools, then moving on.  Once we implement new capabilities into Envoy B2B, we constantly strive to improve on them, guided by our research and our users. 

We’ve applied that approach to both our visual merchandising tool and our assortment experience. 

Our improved visualization tool takes merchandising to the next level, allowing for smarter pre-books and better buys during the season.  And our upgraded assortment experience digitally enables reps with the ability to deliver a tailored, educational, shoppable, merchandised experience to their retailers en masse.

Better Seasons Through Merchandising

We have upgraded visualizations to a whole new level. This has been a great tool for both the sales reps and their customers to visually merchandise products on a canvas. And now that we’ve powered up this tool, reps and retailers can resize images, choose what product data to show, add text, display additional colorways, and more. 

We’ve also integrated merchandising into all of Envoy B2B’s core tools. It’s no longer a discreet experience, siloed away from the rest of the experience.  Reps and retailers are able to merchandise right from the cart, an assortment, or an order.

And when everything is merchandised into a solid buy, it can easily be exported as a PDF. Reps and retailers will be able to use these new tools to create smarter buys that put the right product in the right store.

Assortment Experiences Are More Powerful Than Ever

The assortment experience empowers sales reps to build an educational, shoppable, merchandised sell-in experience right in Envoy B2B. No more sharing static PDFs, relying on PowerPoint (you can create your own presentation slides right in Envoy B2B!), or other outdated methods. Now you can engage retailers with an interactive, compelling sell-in journey right inside the platform.

These updates, along with the new visualization options, allow your customers to review, merchandise, and quickly create an order, without ever having to leave the site.

Getting Better All The Time

We are relentlessly committed to putting the most powerful tools in the hands of our users.  We research, we gather feedback, we talk to users about what their business needs, and we build the best tools we can.

Interested in learning more about how Envoy B2B can transform wholesale for you brand and help you #B2Bbetter?  Get in touch!




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