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We surveyed thousands of specialty retailers, on a variety of subjects, to get their unique perspectives on the industry. The insights offered up are invaluable for a brand looking to become a strong partner to specialty retail.

We’ll be covering a variety of different topics over the course of a few blogs. Let’s start by taking a look at the relationship between retailers and reps.


On The Importance Of Strong Brand Reps:

“The best thing for our store is a rep who communicates with us regularly, both through email and phone calls, but also in person. This helps all the staff put a face to the brand and keeps the brand at the forefront of all of our minds. Every brand that we sell makes great products, so good brand support can make all the difference in helping us understand and love it even more.”
“Continued & constant communication, seasonal visits, recommendations, and ability to act as a “partner” for the success of the brand and the success of our store.”
“90% of it is showing up, but don’t just “show up” ...if you want to see staff, and do some education, make an appointment. If you want to show me the line, make an appointment.”
“...We don’t ask much of our reps, but the ones who make it a priority to communicate with us tend to be with the brands that are growing the most in our store.”


82% of specialty retailers have experienced growth in the past year. It’s a thriving channel. But this success comes at the cost of ever increasing demands on retailers as they juggle a variety of brands and systems, season over season.

This presents a huge opportunity for brands. Retailers are seeking out brands that are invested in the success of their retailer partners. This is how brands will earn a spot on the wall at specialty retail... by listening to your retailers and building a strategy around mutual success for both.

Want to build a successful wholesale channel and be a strong partner? Then it’s time to start listening to what your retailers have to say.

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