V19 Delivers Improved Merchandising, Assortment Experiences, And More

Posted by Envoy B2B on February 27, 2020

The latest version of Envoy B2B is here, and it’s bringing some great new features to the table. An improved visualization tool takes merchandising to the next level, allowing for smarter pre-books and better buys during the season.  We’ve also upgraded our assortment experience. Now reps can deliver a tailored, educational, shoppable, merchandised experience to their retailers en masse.

And of course every Envoy B2B quarterly update contains performance enhancements and fixes. To learn more about what's in this release, and how your users will be notified, please read on.

For Reps And Customers

We have upgraded visualizations to a whole new level. This has been a great tool for both the sales reps and their customers to visually merchandise products on a canvas. And now this upgraded version adds the ability to resize images, choose what product data to show, add text, display additional colorways, and more. And when it’s ready, you can easily export as a PDF. Reps and retailers will be able to use these new tools to create smarter buys that put the right product in the right store.

First offer date catalog filter updated to multi-select list
We made ordering future products easier by updating the first offer date filter to a multi-select list. This allows the user to select a date and view just those products available on that date.

Ability to copy a product to another shipment
In our goal to make creating orders easier and faster, we’ve added the ability to copy a product from one shipment to another. Add a product to one shipment, add quantity, click copy and choose another shipment to add it to. 

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For The Sales Reps

Assortment experience improvements
The assortment experience empowers sales reps to build an educational, shoppable, merchandised sell-in experience right in Envoy B2B. These updates, along with the new visualization options, allow your customers to review, merchandise, and quickly create an order, without ever having to leave the site.

Insert custom slides into the assortment presentation
Piggybacking on those assortment experience updates, we replaced the need for working with powerpoint. Create your own presentation slides right in the B2B and send to your customer to view on the site.

...And For The Site Admins

Ability to import and update orders
You can now import orders that were created outside of Envoy B2B. Those orders entered somewhere else? Import them using a spreadsheet or using SFTP.

Ability to create and manage user groups
User groups are a great new feature for segmenting any type of user - sales reps by territory or customer users by purchase volume, whatever you can think of. Then you can associate these user groups to a specific showroom or send a campaign directly to the group.

New message option for roadblock message  
A new message option is now available. This one will display a pop-up to the user upon login. This is ideal for those important messages that must be acknowledged. 

Ability to assign and view videos on products
Add a video to each product and communicate to your customer with a more dynamic visual element.

V19 is available now for all Envoy B2B users.

Learn How to Digitally Enable Your Reps



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